And maybe you wonder who we are...

Who are we?

First we started as a little group wandering door-by-door and help people in need. while doing this, we indicated that we are not connected to any ornagization, and that our only aim is to give people their shares from our wealth, on which they also have right, because this is what Allah wanted. It was enough for us to gather our pocketmoneys and buy supplies to a few families or give some clothes with the money we collected. The Verse of The Book which led us this path is this: "Nor do ye encourage one another(6122) to feed the poor!". It was clear that although we read the verse for several times, it has not revealed itself in our hearts and thatswhy we were not aware that we should encourage eachother and people around. This beautiful Book was keeping to train us. And now we have the awareness "We have to encourage people aroun too" in our mings and we hit the road.

We felt in our hearts that helping people face-toface instead of just sending money and being sorry about their sorrows touch our hearts and concluded that everybody needs to feel this emotion. Because of this we started to encourage people around us to go door-by-door like us. We encouraged, we are ancouraging and we will encourage hopefully.And wehen people who think like us and holding the same rope joined us, we got bigger. And as we got bigger so did our works and our dreams.

Our Lord says us in The Book "(We take our) colour from Allah, and who is better than Allah at colouring?" Our only aim is being painted while trying to paint around with Allah's color.

And, what is the Color of Goodness?
Sometimes the smile of a child, sometimes a sincere hug, sometimes a problem shared, sometimes a paid bill, and sometimes a shared table.

Considering all these, is there a more beautiful color than The Color of Goodness?


To introduce the color of goodness to people who are living in Istanbul, who carries sorrow in his/her heart, who is lost in immigrant looks, and who is in search of consolation.


To build livable lives painted with The Color of Goodness, where happiness is a universal language, where children are laughing for all people who are defined, supported or promoted to become a companion in this meaningful voyage...


"And let there be [arising] from you a nation inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful."  (3:104)

Our Units


We know that "Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves." (Rad/11). Keeping our faith in that tomorrow will be better than today, we continue to give a hand to people who are derived from their right of proper education, providing scholarships, guiding them in reading man and life. We want to light a light of hope instead of complaining and fight against igrorance in the lines of science. And we want nobody left who can not find a meaning for his/her existence ...


Man is the tested. And powerty is all alone a version of the test. Allah, who does not give any body an unbearable problem, is testing the man in a a world with problems and sickness. Those who stand with patience, who see the world as a step and preapres for the afterlife will be undoubtly the successful ones... For the families that we monitor, We organize the hospital appointments and their treatment procedures. And moreover, we accompany the people (especially the immigrants) in hospitals so that they do not feel alienated in our lands...


People are the orphan of whatever they lack. Some are orphan of child, some orphan of mother, and some orphan of love. A biological entity is mostly not enough. Emotions like goodness and merci needs to shared to be meaningful. We, in need of painting the life with The Color of Goodness, are struggling to meet the needs of our orphan children. Sometimes we go to hospital togather, sometimes we provide scholarships. We will continue to enable them to reach every opportunitiy that all other children can reach...

How Do We Operate?


When we first visit a family, we define and confirm some points such as how many people are living in the house, the total income and expenses, if there is anybody ill in the house and what the condition is.


We share the confirmed needs in our social media accounts and call our followers for help.


Our priority is the benefactor to come with us and deliver the help personelly. If this is not possible, then we supply the needs and deliver them on behalf.


And finally, we share the feelings of meeting needs of people, sharing their problems and being happy with their happiness and by this way, we try to reach other people anf toencourage them to work like us.


Account Name: İyilik Rengi Derneği

Bank Name: Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası Mercan Şubesi

Donation Account: 95111271-1

Donation Account: TR02 0020 5000 0951 1127 1000 01

Donation Account (USD): TR18 0020 5000 0951 1127 1000 01

Donation Account (EUR): TR88 0020 5000 0951 1127 1000 02


Our Adress:

Talatpaşa Mah. Aydoğan Cad. No: 11/B 

Kağıthane / İstanbuL

O543 463 53 60